5 Reasons for Counselors to Start Using Web and Video Conferencing

Clinics and private practices, large and small, have a tremendous amount of exciting technology at their fingertips. However, many are still learning about what tools are out there and the roles they play in improving counseling services. Web and video Continue reading

Not Just for Social: Why Healthcare is Embracing Video Technology

It seems video is quickly becoming the preferred mode of communication for business and consumers alike. Snapchat, for example, a social media platform that allows users to share short, up-to-10-second videos, is expected to grow in the United States by Continue reading

Secure Video Conferencing with the Brother OmniJoin Private Cloud

Increasingly more businesses are using video conferencing to discuss all sorts of confidential information including intellectual property, potential acquisitions, financials, sales deals, and customer information. The OmniJoin Private Cloud is a completely secure, on-premise conferencing platform that provides all the Continue reading

3 Ways Cloud-Based Teleconferencing Can Grow a Medical Practice

Cloud-based teleconferencing equips healthcare providers with an additional resource that may help them grow their practices. Properly implemented teleconferencing has the potential to make a small practice seem much larger and even perhaps help a provider save their patients money. Continue reading